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Goldfish Kiss

Goldfish Kiss is a natural preparation in the form of a powder ready to make shake. Its formula is based on pure hydrolysed collagen.

Perfectly suited as a supplement to nutritional programs for regeneration after training and strength training. Dedicated to women who lead a healthy lifestyle and are actively engaged in sport.
The product is a source of calcium, contains high levels of protein and vitamin C.

Regeneration after training

Lyophilized protein promotes the regeneration of muscle tissue and joints in the body.


  • Maintaining good form
    Calcium is needed to maintain healthy bones. It helps in proper functioning of muscles and digestive enzymes. It contributes to proper blood coagulation and helps maintain normal neurotransmission.


  • Treasures of nature
    The product consists only of natural ingredients. Among other things it contains lyophilized fruit "fresh but dry". The product contains no sugars, only naturally occurring sugars and does not contain gluten.


  • Improve the appearance of the body
    Vitamin C helps in proper collagen production to ensure proper functioning of the skin, blood vessels, cartilage and bones.

  • Strength and better fitness
    Goldfish Kiss contains protein that contributes to muscle mass growth and helps maintain it.

  • Healthy everyday life
    Goldfish Kiss is a hydrolyzed collagen enriched with whey protein, banana, cranberry, rose and blackcurrant.

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  • Usage:
    Pour about 100 ml of boiled lukewarm water and mix vigorously until a uniform slurry is formed. Take immediately after preparation. The product should be eaten fast. 1 hour Before meal or 3 hours After the last meal.

  • Recommended serving size:
    1 sachet every other day. Package contains 15 sachets (monthly treatment).

  • Composition:
    Hydrolysed fish collagen, lyophilized banana, lyophilized cranberry, lyophilized whey protein (from milk), lyophilized rose fruit, lyophilized blackcurrant.


  • Acceptable age:
    This product is intended for people over the age of 14.


  • Sugars:
    No added sugars. This product contains naturally occurring sugars.


  • Additional information:
    The preparation should not consume more than 1 serving (sachet) per day. Do not exceed daily intake. Do not eat if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.