"Elena was creared in 1990 as the result of its owner Franciszek Siegień to health and healthy lifestyle.


Establishment of a family business under the name WPPH ELENA IMPORT-EXPORT FRANCISZEK SIEGIEŃ.

Years 1990-2000

The company’s activity focuses on lyophylization (freeze drying) of fruit, vegetables, meat, herbs, spieces, and mushrooms by means of sublimation. We work under constant supervision of District Veterinary Inspectorate and the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station.


ELENA is granted with Certificate of Protection of its trademark from the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, number 153232. Learn about the later development of our company!

Implementation of HACCP quality control system, special distinction at 8th Agro-Industrial Fairs AGRO – ZAM 2001 for Natural Lyophylizated Products.Gaining a certificate giving us a right to label lyophylized chives with DOBRE BO POLSKIE emblem. Obtaining a license to produce and export freeze dried pork, beef and poultry as the only company in Poland. Being assigned with veterinary identification number 30 07 03 06 and being listed in Chief Veterinary Officer register under number 3452.
Winning gold medal at International Bydgoszcz Trade Fairs INTERPIEK POLGASTRO 2002. Being awarded with Kalisz Mayor’s Cup for the Best Product of 5th Garden, Agriculture and Allotment Fairs. Being granted with Wielkopolska Quality Mark from Polish Chamber of Commerce for freeze lyophilized tripe, poultry and smoked ham.
Modernization and extension of Lyophilisation Plant. Building some modern cold stores. Logistic modernisation. Getting attestation with a positive opinion and decision of granting a certificate after a certyfying audit from TUV Rheinland Group. Winning GRAND PRIX during 3rd International Military, Border Guard and Police Supply Fair LOGISPOL 2003 for utilising lyophilization technology for food products. Accepting WPPH ELENA into D&B database of UE companies working for military supply, under the number D-U-N-S: 422532247.
Receiving Certificate of Competency number 69/B/2004 to supply army in food products of animal origin. Accepting membership in Association for Goods and Services Supply for Army and Border Guards. Company registration as EU VAT payer: PL 6180061318.
Earning a certificate of conformity of the quality assurance system with requirements of the standard DS. 3027 E: 1997 system HACCP. Obtaining a NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) Code: 0987H Starting ELENA TURIST that offers prepared meals for turists. Winning a distinction during 21st Healthy Life and Food Fairs ECOLIFE 2005 for natural food additives set. Getting a distinction „Wstęgi Niemna” of International Fairs KALININGRAD 2005 for innovation and modern technologies. Earning GRAND PRIX during 3rd International Military, Border Guard and Police Supply Fair LOGISPOL 2005 for utilising lyophilization technology for food products. Receiving GOSTSTANDARD certificates for Russian market.
Years 2006-2010
Receiving GOSTSTANDARD certificates for Belarusian market. Creating the first webpage. Starting a project of supplying extreme sportsmen’ groups, expansion of freeze dried products to Eastern countries: the beginning of building the market in Russia. ELENA company keeps on developing and offers new products and new technologies. Freeze dried food additives in the light of the competition procedures of „Dodatek przyjazny Konsumentowi” are norminated to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Cup Polagra Food 2006 HACCP certification in the field od freeze drying of fruit, vegetables, mushroom, meat and meat products.

Trips abroad:

International Food and Gastronomy Fairs – Brno, Czech Republic BioFach 2008 – Nurnberg, Niemcy Agroprodmash 2009 – Moscow, Russia World Food Mosow 2009 – 18th International Food Fairs – Moscow, Russia Peterfood 2009 – 18th International Food Fairs – Saint Petersburg, Russia PROD EXPO Ucraine 2010 – Kiev, Ukraine Food&Taste2010 – International Food Fairs – Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany MT WORLD FOOD – Moscow, Russia Riga Food 2010 – Riga, Latvia BioFach2010 - Nuremberg, Germany Kiev AgriHort – International Agriculture and Pomiculture Fairs Kiev, Ukraine
Years 2011-2013
Building market in Europe and beyond, transfering commercial relations to Europe because of Russian market closing. Building new products and new brands: a line of natural diet supplements KOLAGENUM which was warmly welcomed by Consumers. The company takes part in a training conference "Firma - wiarygodnym partnerem dla służb mundurowych" („Company – a credible partner for uniformed services”) organised by Stowarzyszenie Dostawców Na Rzecz Służb Mundurowych (Association of Suppliers for Uniformed Forces). Earning a Cell Line Certificate for freeze dried fish collagen. Product of the Year during Diet and Health Fairs in Lublin. 1st place in ZŁOTA PIECZĘĆ Nutrikosmetyk 2021 in the category of Polish Product for Kolagenum.

Trips abroad:

MENOPE 2011 – 9th International Fairs of Natural and Ogranic Products – Dubai, United Arab Emirates PETERFOOD 2011 - Saint Petersburg, Russia AidEx 2011 - The Global Humanitarian Aid Event - Brussels, Belgium VITAFOODS 2011 - International & Finished Products Expo - Geneva, Switzerland PRODEXPO 2011 – 26th International Exposition of Food Industry – Kiev, Ukraine BioFach 2011 – Ekological Food and Natural Products Fairs – Nuremberg, Germany BioFach 2012 - Nuremberg, Germany Summer Fancy Food Show - Washington, USA International Food Fairs WEH – Ragdona, Slovenia World Food - Moscow, Russia Macfrut 2012 - Cesena, Italy Food & Taste 2012 - Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany Logistic Fairs – Berlin, Germany Agribulture and Food Fairs – Meknes, Morocco SMES Produkt, Service and Technology Fairs - Ulan Bator, Mongolia Anuga 2013 - Cologne, Germany Agro-Food Iraq - Irbil, Iraq
Agro-Food Iraq - Irbil, Iraq
Years 2014-2015
Entering retail market of natural freeze dried fruit, plans for supplying tuck shops with healthy food. Medal of Honour „Zasłużony dla Eksportu” („Merit for Export”). State Security Leader for innovation for security and defence.

Trips abroad:

 International Organic and Green Food Industry Expo - Szanghai, China ProdExpo 2014 - Moscow, Russia BioFach 2014 - Nuremberg, Germany China International Consumer Goods Fair 2014 - Ningbo, China Nature - Health - Beauty - London, Great Britain Business trip - Alaska, the USA Grune Tage Thuringen - Erfurt, Germany BioFach 2015 - Nuremberg, Germany Summer Fancy Food – New York, the USA

Years 2016 - 2019

Steady position and trademark’s recognition on the domestic as well as foreign markets. Constant progress in modernization and technologisation of the company. Our freeze dried products supported Join US yacht’s crew during their east Greenland exploration, expedition to K2 and Spitsbergen.

Trips abroad:

BIOFACH 2016 - Nuremberg, Germany USA Fancy Food Show 2016 – New York, the USA FOOD EXPO 2016 fairs – Hong Kong, China DUBAI fairs – Dubai, United Arab Emirates SMTS Tokio 2017 fairs – Tokio, Japan South Korea 2017 fairs – Soeul, South Korea Foodex Japan 2017 fairs – Tokio, Japan IFE 2017 fairs – London, Great Britain International Fair of Packaging and Packaging Machines INTERPACK – Düsseldorf, Germany ANUGA 2017 – Cologne, Germany Setting Tomorrow’s Table fairs 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark BIOFACH 2018 - Nuremberg, Germany FOOD EXPO 2019 fairs – Athens, Greece ASEAN EXPO 2019 fairs – Nanning, China AGROKOMPLEX 2019 fairs – Nitra, Slovakia Domestic trips: WORD FOOD 2016 fairs – Warsaw, Poland POLAGRA FOOD 2016 – Poznań, Poland WORLD FOOD 2016 fairs – Warsaw, Poland POLAGRA FOOD 2017 – Poznań, Poland POLAGRA FOOD 2018 – Poznań, Poland FOOD SHOW 2018 fairs – Katowice, Poland 1st Herbal and Physiotherapeutic Fairs of Polska Grupa Zielarska (Polish Herbal Group) – Wisła, Poland

From 2019 to now

Present epidemiological situation contributed to changing the form of participating in fairs, trainings and business meetings. They are realized in an adjusted online form, which is attractive for both individual and business client. Taking part in above mentioned events allows a dynamic development of our company conjoined with constant technological modernisation. Established cooperations with numerous contractors results in a widening range of products available in convenient time. The title of Hit Roku 2020 (Hit of the Year 2020) for building strong market position of ELENA company over 30 years of business activity on the basis of experience and strategy. Online fairs: Pasaż EKOStyl 2021 WORLD FOOD Poland 2021 Zielarskie Trendy 2021