Bio lyophilized fruit

If you want to eat healthy it is imprescindible to enclose fruit and vegetables in your diet, they are a source of vitamins and fiber, among others.

If you care about products of excellent quality which in addition have been ecologically cultivated, choose our lyophylized BIO products.

We offer fruits in pieces or powdered, coming from Polish plantations that work in accordance with nature and care about environment.

Owoce liofilizowane BIO w miseczce

What's on offer in our selection of freeze-dried fruit?

The process of lyophilization i.e. drying in low temperatures allows to keep favourable properties and at the same time prevent them form fast ripening. They are packed in handy packages and you will pick them up when you have a craving for a snack or want to diversify a meal.

Here you will find a choice of BIO products such as blackberries, apples, blackberries or chokeberries.

Certified Organic Farming

We ensure that our customers enjoy the finest quality products, which is why we’ve prepared a diverse assortment featuring freeze-dried organic fruit sourced from Polish plantations. The quality and origin of our freeze-dried products are endorsed by the certified organic farming mark, prominently displayed on each package.

Explore our range of freeze-dried products:

Our range of freeze-dried organic fruits includes chokeberry, banana, blackcurrant, apple, forest berry and blackberry – each in 15- or 30-gram zip-lock packaging for your convenience, effectively safeguarding the contents from excess moisture.

Packed with nutrients and bursting with flavour!

Through the freeze-drying process, our organic fruit retains both its nutritional value and distinctive flavour. Sublimation drying removes water, naturally preserving the food, allowing you to enjoy your favourite snacks not just in the summer season, but all year round.

Creative Uses for Freeze-Dried Fruit:

Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer savoury treats, our freeze-dried organic fruit is sure to satisfy all your expectations.

Enhance your favourite oatmeal, muesli, or baked goods like homemade brownies, muffins or cakes with the addition of freeze-dried apple, banana, blackberries or blueberries.

The bold, intense flavours delivered by dried chokeberries or blackcurrants make them an excellent choice for enhancing savoury dishes. Ideal for various dinner courses, sauces and soups, they a distinct and unique aroma to them.

Add freeze-dried fruits to your aromatic teas for a delightful winter warm-up. They also make for a healthy snack, offering a crisp alternative to traditional treats that you might be looking to cut down on.

Explore our complete selection of organic offerings and see for yourself!

Czarna porzeczka liofilizowana w opakowaniu
Organic freeze-dried chokeberries

Sublimation drying is a natural preservation process that safeguards food from spoilage. Lyophilised chokeberry is perfect for sweet baked goods, delightful dishes and aromatic drinks all year round. Use it as an addition to meat sauces or sweet dishes, enhancing them with its subtly tart taste. It’s also an excellent accompaniment to your favourite tea or various preserves, a must in any pantry!

Banan liofilizowany w opakowaniu
Organic freeze-dried banana

Searching for a quick and satisfying snack for work, out walking or between meals? Try our sweet freeze-dried bananas as a topping for your favourite oatmeal, muesli or porridge. Organic fruit is also an excellent addition to a smoothie or as a tasty snack that both adults and children who love fruit will enjoy. Discover why dried foods are a worthwhile choice!

Aronia liofilizowana w opakowaniu
Organic freeze-dried blackcurrant

Craving a quick and delicious snack with your favourite fruit? Freeze-dried blackcurrant is a fantastic choice for a sweet breakfast. Whether added to a smoothie, muesli or oatmeal, it also serves as a delightful addition to homemade baked goods. Thanks to the sublimation drying process, you can enjoy our fruit not just in-season but throughout the year – explore it for yourself!

Jabłko liofilizowane w opakowaniu
Organic freeze-dried apple

Appreciate organically grown products? Our freeze-dried apple is not only organic but also undergoes a natural preservation process. With sublimation drying, which removes water, you can relish the delightful taste of your favourite fruit to enhance smoothies, yoghurts, oatmeal or muesli. They also make a perfect snack between meals, not just in the summer but all year round.

Jagoda leśna liofilizowana w opakowaniu
Organic freeze-dried blueberries

Do you appreciate the joys of nature, and is summer a special time for you to indulge in your favourite fruits? Freeze-dried blueberries are an excellent choice for all fans of fresh and delicious fruit that you can eat throughout the year. Thanks to the drying process, our food retains its nutritional value and taste, perfect for adding to your favourite dishes and baked goods. Check it out and see for yourself!

Jeżyna liofilizowana w opakowaniu
Organic freeze-dried blackberries

A fantastic choice for all lovers of fresh and delicious fruit that you can enjoy throughout the year. Through the drying process, our food retains both its nutritional value and its flavour.