Wholesale offer for companies

Standard fractions of our products are: whole fruits, halves, slices, segments, powders, grits from 0-2 mm to 0-20mm – depending on a product.

Please contact us for details:

The offer of lyophilized fruit includes

pineapple, chokeberry, gooseberry, banana, peach, blueberry, elderberry, lemon with or witout peel, pear, grapefruit, apple, blackberry, kiwi, raspberry, mango, apricot, olive black or green, orange with or without peel, papaya, blackcurrant, redcurrant, rhubarb, plum, strawberry, cherry, grapes, cranberry, wild strawberry, American blueberry, lingonberry, pomengranate seeds, sea buckthorn, fruit mix – 3, 4, 5 and 8 ingredients.

The offer of lyophilized vegetables includes:

beetroot, broccoli, onion white and red as well as fried, courgette, horseraddish, garlic, green pea, cauliflower, white cabbage, sauerkraut, dill, corn, carrot, herb mix, pickled cucumber, pepper green and red, parsnip, parsley, tomoato, leek, raddish, chives, spinach, potato, celery, chilli, champignon, bean red and white, kale, pumpkin

Lyophilized herbs:

oregano, basil, mint, thyme, parsley leaves, caraway, herb mix, chives, dill, pepper (black, white, green, red)

Lyophilized meat and diary:

beef, pork, poultry, bacon, cheese, yogurt

Lyophilized fruit BIO:

chokeberry, banana, elderberry, lingonberry, apple, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, red currant, rhubarb, sea buckthorn, plum, strawberry, cherry, cranberry

Other lyophilized products from our offer:

ginger, oregano, raisins, pepper in white, black, green and red versions, as well as in a unique mixture.