Natural support

Dietary supplements

Natural dietary supplements suitable for women and men. They come in the traditional form of capsules.

Liofilizowane suplementy diety w kapsułkach


CHANCA PIEDRA – Niszczyciel Kamieni 90 capsules

Dietary supplement including lyophylized infusion from chanca piedra prepared on the basis of traditional recipe of Peruwian medicine.

Product is meant for adult people who have problems with kidney stones and gout.


Celery (Apium graveolens) is lately our greatest hit!

There are numerous reasons for using this supplement:

  • Supplementing with celery levels the risk
    of heart dieseases
  • supports upper respiratory tract and prolongued lung diseased treatment.
  • You can also find furanocumarines and flavanoids in it which show strong antiflammatory, relaxant and
    antioxidant effects.

Our product is 100% lyophylized celery which means 100% of nature, raw material used comes from polish farms and is supervised on each stage.


There have been numerous researches published telling about miraculous properties od chokeberry.

It is said that chokeberry is an antidote for civilization deseases. It is so thanks to vitamins, anthocyanins, flavonols and tiannins which helps to keep optimal level of antioxidants in body.

These antioxidants support healthy lifestyle by protecting against negative effects of free radicals.

Our product is 100% BIO lyophilized chokeberry which means 100% of Nature.
Raw material used comes from polish farms and is supervised on each stage.