Lyophilization and bulk breaking of products

Apart from our own products that are available constantly on sale we also invite you to collaborate in the field of lyophilization and bulk breaking your products.

We are the only company in Poland with veterinary supervision over meat and diary production. Also as the only company in Poland we produce lyophilized fish collagen. On order we also process food with BIO and ECO certificates.

Services offered by ELENA are:

  • Devising recipes
  • Lyophilization of products
  • Dosing on the basis of a ready or devised by us recipe
  • Mixing food products
  • Encapsulating loose food products (herbs, powders, nuts, seeds, flours etc.)
  • Packing finished products into packages chosen by a client – e.g. doypack bags, PET/HDPE jars, pharmacy boxes, cartons and many others
  • Airtight lidding of jars using induction sealing
  • Pallet packing of bulk containers and securing them for transport
  • Labelling and marking products