We have been a leader in the freeze-dried food industry for over 30 years.

Zakład produkcyjny firmy Elena
Suplementy diety z kolagenem
Natural support for the body

Dietary supplements

Collagen-based dietary supplements. Support your body and choose the right product that fulfills your needs. The range of supplement ingredients has been composed considering the age and body’s collagen needs, taking into account different lifestyles. Restore your faith in fitness and try it now…

About us

ELENA is the family business. We have been using freeze-drying methods for three generations. These years of experience allowed us to improve this technology almost to perfection. We run our production using a highly processed and innovative machine park on a global scale. By using the family tradition, we dynamically improve our work and use it in many innovative projects.

Our freeze-dried products are very high-quality products, and the ELENA brand is a trustworthy Polish company – known all over the world. Since 2011 we have expanded our activity with dietary supplements that are based on fish collagen. These products are extremely popular, thanks to their efficiency. This is a relatively new type of our production, which we are very proud of.

We are looking forward to cooperate with companies looking for additional food additives.
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What is freeze-drying?

For the fact that over years we are powered by the passion for healthy lifestyle we use an innovative method of preserving food products. With no redundant additives and chemical substances, in a healthy way. Our offerings are created through sublimation drying, a method of preserving frozen food by extracting water from it. This is how we produce freeze-dried fruit for children

Owoce liofilizowane o smaku gruszki

keeping taste, smell and shape,

long use by date,

handy size and light weight of the packaging.

preserving without use of harmful substances,

natural and healthy composition,

Lyophilizated products persevere full composition of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.