The offer is addressed to all manufacturers in the food industry

We produce natural food additives: lyophilized fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, spices and meat.

The offer is addressed to all manufacturers in the food industry, especially dairy, confectionery, meat and fish processing, tourism and gastronomy. We would like to encourage you to use lyophilisates in upmarket products. Please contact us using the contact form or directly with our company.

The uniqueness of ELENA is the combination of ingredients that make up its image.

These include

  • human potential,
  • administrative and technical facilities,
  • modern production lines,
  • the widest range of lyophilized products in Europe,
  • quick order fulfillment,
  • and a brand that has been associated for many years with high quality.

All these elements have contributed to our success. We deal with import, export and processing and have gained a lot of experience. We trade with many countries of the European Union, countries of the Middle East, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States. Our products are also sold on other continents – in Australia, North America and Asia. Since 2014, we have an authorized distributor in Australia.

As the only company in Europe we have veterinary supervision over the processing of meat and dairy products. The production process in our company is carried out in accordance with the requirements of GHP – Good Hygiene Practice and GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice and the principles of HACCP and BRC. We also have certificates for BIO and ECO food production. We guarantee the highest quality of offered goods, technical service and friendly and professional service. On individual orders we can freeze any new product.

I invite and wish you a delicious,
Franciszek Siegień
owner of WPPH ELENA