LioFi Chips


LioFi Chips are 100% natural crisps which are totally dry which maked them very light and ideal for long trips.

They mantain they nutritious properites even in very unfavourable weather conditions (jungle, desert). You can consume them as regular crisps but you can also use them to make a drink or a compote or use as a food additive.


You can add LioFiChips as an additive to:

  • muesli
  • jellies, puddings,
  • fruit soups, instant soups,
  • compotes,
  • vegetarian fruit soups,
  • in tourist kitchen
  • in diary industry: desserts, rice desserts, flavoures gruels, yoghurts, homogenized cottage cheese, fruit buttermilks, flavoured chottage cheese, kefirs,
  • in confectionery: flavoured, cream cakes, ice cream sundaes, desserts of curious colour and perticular taste, nice smell
  • fruit gruels for children
  • crisps, fruit, herbalcurative
  • diet products