Eleniuszki is our newest brand, that we hope, will add to the general well being of young kids all over the world!

We have always been passionate about possibilities offered by modern technology, allowing reject what aggravating and unhealthy, leaving what is best.

That is why we created a series of dietary supplements, called  Kolagenum: rejected unnecessary ingredients to get the essence of what the human body needs for good functioning.

In the same way we created freeze-dried - get rid of the water in a modern way of food and pack them in a cosmic way. It's literally that kind of action, which in astronautics. Liofiliizowane products retain all the health value of fresh food, getting rid of them weight and holding it for the passage of time.

Freeze-dried food is extremely useful in travel - is light and handy. Right now is a trip Around the World Captain Bartek Czarciński. His yacht Pearl for more than four months overcome route around the globe without calling at the port. The trip, which will last more than a year, accompanied by a supply of freeze-dried food for us: the company ELENA.

Eleniuszki is a series of "healthy chips" for children and youth. They act like normal chips: shiny packaging, crispiness and a nascent desire to reach them without interruption. Here ends the resemblance to the chips. Eleniuszki arose because of ... Already at any moment will premiere a brand new and everything themselves find out. :)

We are constantly working on new technologies, expanding into new areas. Closely we observe the progress of science in the world, trying to catch what is best for the modern man.