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ELENA owes a lot to its founder - our workers say about Mr. Francis Siegień, who is passionate about healthy food, freeze-dried and all technological innovations.

Already in 1977,  in the US, started the widespread interest in liophylised chives and dill, which was added to the ready-made dishes. Even then  the owner of Elenastarted thinking hard how to introduce this technology to the Polish. And indeed - in the early 90s he began to produce freeze-dried, and today the company is at the forefront THREE LARGEST PRDUCENTÓW freeze-dried in EUROPE!

50% of production is for export to other continents - including Australia, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Today ELENA sells to 24 countries around the world.

On the other hand, it emphasizes the owner a very good cooperation with his team, which is hardened in a heavy and vigorous work. With many people working after a few or even several years. Employees honored him with a statue "FOR BEST BOSS".

Francis Siegień attaches a very large role to work with many organizations of producers and lovers of healthy food. We are happy to engage in activities to promote Polish manufactured in Europe and the world. A major role also attaches to the partnership of science and business.